MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino


MGM is of course very well known as being one of the best production studios around. They have come up with many different films over the years that have won Oscars and made millions of dollars at the box office. When all is said and done however, perhaps the greatest legacy of MGM is to have a casino and hotel in Las Vegas developed using it as a theme. That is exactly what the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino is and this is something that shows through quite nicely in all of the different aspects of the hotel that you can name.


They say a hotel is only as good as the location it has. Well, if you apply that criterion to the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino what you will find almost immediately is that the hotel is placed in one of the best locations possible within the city of Las Vegas . Consider the fact that the MGM Casino with all of its gaming and entertainment options is nearby and then add to that the fact that the nightlife in the area of the hotel is also fantastic with the different bars, nightclubs and restaurants that are available for people to visit. If you want to do something in Las Vegas , chances are pretty good that you can do it within walking distance of the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.


There are many different rooms for you to choose from when you stay overnight at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. You can stay in the grand tower which has all of the conventional hotel rooms or you can decide to pass your time by sleeping in one of the many bungalow suites that the resort has available. There are also many suites with decidedly Hollywood themes to them including a handful that are actually designed based on the different MGM motion pictures. There is certainly no lack of choice when it comes to the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino and the accommodations they offer and that is indeed one reason why they are one of the best in Las Vegas .

Going to the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino is great because you get so much more than just a room booking out of the experience. For starters, the hotel room comes with access to the public pool that the hotel keeps on hand for its guest and you can easily go for a swim every night in that pool or just sit by the side and watch people go in and out throughout the day. There is also a spa that you can visit and free concierge service, not to mention a wedding chapel close by just in case you're actually in the city for one of those famous Las Vegas weddings.


As far as hotels are concerned, the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino is one of the best. It would be hard to find better across the country, let alone in the city of Las Vegas .