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Binion's Casino Review
Binion's Casino is a very important casino in Las Vegas because it bears the name of Jack Binion, one of the most respected Las Vegas businessmen to ever walk down the strip. It is located on 128 East Fremont Street and it has been an institution in the city of Las Vegas for a very long time. There is a certain historical value to visiting this casino and playing at it that you would not get from the other casinos and when that value is combined with the high quality, it is pretty much a done deal at that point.

Binion's is home to the world famous poker room and poker professionals from all over the world play games in this poker room. These games are great to watch and great to participate in, although the casino does have a great gambling selection as well for people that want to play conventional casino games like blackjack, roulette and slots.
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Caesar's Palace Review
Located on 3570 South Las Vegas Boulevard , Caesar's Palace is one of the most famous Las Vegas Strip Casinos. It is a casino that is known not only for its excellent gaming facilities, but also its excellent entertainment venues which quite frequently play host to some of the biggest performers in Vegas. This combination is what has kept people coming back to Caesar's Palace for generations and it is a combination that makes the future look very bright indeed for this particular Las Vegas casino.

In addition to casino facilities, Caesar's Palace is also home to accommodations as well as many other entertainment facilities transcending the specific Las Vegas stereotype. It also has many restaurants on its premises, making it a casino that you could spend your entire Las Vegas vacation in. The fact that you can do this even if you're not a gambler and still have fun is something that is nothing short of remarkable.
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Casino Royale Review
Casino Royale is one of the most unique architectural structures in the world, mostly because it appears to be a mixture of a number of different styles. These styles are blended together beautifully however and the result is a fantastic casino that many serious Las Vegas gamblers call home. Casino Royale is located at 3411 South Las Vegas Boulevard and this particular location places it right in the middle of the world famous Las Vegas Strip.

Casino Royale is home to some of the most fantastic craps games in the city and it is also home to other table and slots gaming that really allow you to strike it rich big time. It is one of the older style casinos and for that reason playing inside its walls can have a very big nostalgia effect on some people. For that reason, the older generation may find it a better experience.
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Circus Casino Review
Circus Circus Casino is a very important casino in the grand scheme of things because of the amazing access that you can get to all parts of entertainment when you visit the casino grounds. It is one of the most extraordinary pieces of architecture in Las Vegas , encompassing not only a casino but also an amusement park and many other entertainment venues in addition to the large resort accommodations that come with the deal.

Its location in the heart of Las Vegas is something that is definitely a positive in its favour, but what really strikes most people about this casino is the fact that you can do so much inside the casino without having to leave the resort grounds. This is true for many of the casinos in Las Vegas , but it is especially true for Circus Circus Casino. For family fun, this is definitely the place to be.
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Flamingo Hilton Hotel Review
The Flamingo Hotel and Casino is not a casino that you hear about that often. This is not a reflection on its quality however, but more so a reflection on the fact that there are so many good casinos in Las Vegas that often times even the best can be overshadowed by the atmosphere. The Flamingo Casino is actually one of the best kept secrets in Las Vegas because of the excellent gambling facilities that are available on its floor. Many of them are just as good as at other places but are less populated, allowing you to find a seat at the table or the slot machine a lot faster than you otherwise might be able to.

It is located at 3555 South Las Vegas Boulevard , which is right in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip. For this reason, you can combine a night out on the town with a night at the Flamingo Casino quite easily and this is what many people in the end choose to do.
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Treasure Island Casino Review
Treasure Island Casino is named after the book with the same name and the obvious implication here is to make people think that there is a mound of buried treasure inside the casino's slot machines and table games that is just waiting to be uncovered. This is not far from the truth however as a combination of excellent gaming choices and very generous repayment rates have made Treasure Island one of the premier casinos in the city of Las Vegas .

Furthermore, Treasure Island is located along the Las Vegas Strip as well, making it one of the more interesting casinos around. With great shows, good food and good times just around the corner, it is no wonder that so many people that come to Las Vegas end up calling Treasure Island Casino their home. It is certainly a casino that deserves it almost any way you look at the issue.
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Golden Gate Hotel and Casino Review
The Golden Gate Hotel and Casino is a very interesting institution, mostly because of the fact that it is really the complete package. It is located right next to the Las Vegas Strip and while all of the strip casinos are all around packages to one degree or another, the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino really takes this to the next level. It starts of course with their casino services, which allow you to play all of the typical casino games as well as poker and sportsbook betting should you wish to do something exotic for a change.

On top of that excellent casino service however there is a rewards program, entertainment shows, recreational activities and fantastic fine dining to be had. A night in the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino can actually be spent completely on the grounds of the resort since everything that you need to enjoy that night can be found right on the grounds of the casino.
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Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Review
When it comes right down to it, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is one of the most interesting places to visit in the city of Las Vegas . It is of course modeled after the Hard Rock Café and for that reason a lot of the interior decoration is very reminiscent of cafes that are in and around the country. At the same time however, there is no doubt that this is a gambling venue and from the moment you walk into the casino you are given the chance to put your money where your mouth is in any one of a number of different casino games that are available.

Once you have tired of the casino gaming facilities or feel that you want to take a break, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino will be there with dining and recreational amenities, allowing you to quickly or slowly take a breather before going back out for some more gambling fun.
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New York Casino Review
New York New York Casino is one of the major theme casinos in the city of Las Vegas . It is located at 3790 South Las Vegas Boulevard and this of course a location that places it right along the Las Vegas Strip. This location is a very important one for that reason, as New York New York Casino draws a number of people for the amazing architecture that defines the casino. It has its own Statue of Liberty and its own Empire State Building , really allowing people the opportunity to get a taste of The Big Apple right in the middle of Sin City .

Once you get to New York New York Casino however, one thing that you will discover is that while it looks good on the outside, it is also very good on the inside. This is something that will become very obvious once you start playing the games and enjoying the dining, but it is good to know before you go in as well.
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Palms Casino Review
The Palms Casino was not one of the originally famous casinos of Las Vegas , but it has since grown in reputation by a great deal through various television sponsorship deals that have made people open their eyes to its excellence. It is located at 4321 West Flamingo Road and while this does not place the Palms Casino right on the Las Vegas Strip, it does place it within walking distance of the strip while at the same time saving people from the heaviest noise that the strip tends to generate.

The Palms Casino is actually more accurately a resort as the casino is put together with regular accommodations in the form of rooms, suites and villas, all of which can be booked online. You can also plan parties and meetings at the Palms and since there are many non-gambling sources of entertainment on the casino grounds, it is quite possible to have a boatload of fun at the casino without actually playing any of the games. If you do choose to gamble however, you'll find the games to be quite excellent.
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Paris Las Vegas Casino Review
The Paris Las Vegas Casino is a casino that has a theme based on the city of Paris , one of the most romantic and well respected cities in the entire world. To that end, the Paris Las Vegas Casino has its own version of the Eiffel Tower and its own version of massive Paris landmarks like the Arc de Triomphe. All of these different landmarks are designed to create the image of wealth and on that count the Paris Las Vegas Casino has certainly done a very good job.

It is located at 3655 South Las Vegas Boulevard , placing it smack dab in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip. This allows you not only the opportunity to easily reach it and enjoy all of its excellent gaming and recreational amenities, but it also gives you the chance to easily walk to another casino for another show without having to worry about time spent in between.
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Planet Hollywood Casino Review
Planet Hollywood Casino is the casino that the stars play at. It is located along the Las Vegas Strip and for that reason is also one of the most visited casinos in the entire city of Las Vegas and arguably the entire world. One of the reasons that going to Planet Hollywood Casino is so fun is that you can actually get the chance to spot one of the big stars and play the games at the different tables alongside your favorite television or movie star if you get really lucky.

The casino is by no means just a flashy one however as there is quite a bit of substance there as well. The architecture, the interior design, the choice of games and the quality of the dealers and materials used are all fantastic and for this reason Planet Hollywood Casino can lay claim to the title of being an all around good casino.
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Stratosphere Casino Review
The Stratosphere Casino is a delightful blend of a number of forbidden pleasures and for that reason it is one of the most desirable casinos in the entire city of Las Vegas . It is located at 2000 South Las Vegas Boulevard , placing it on the southern part of the Las Vegas Strip and therefore far enough away from the centre of the action that you can get some relief from the loud noise pollution that sometimes dominates the central strip areas.

In addition to that however, the combination of excellent casino gaming and excellent dining have made the Stratosphere Casino one of the best venues in town to get your gambling done. It is also home to many excellent Las Vegas shows such as the critically acclaimed Bite and that is definitely something that you will want to see if it fits your budget when you are in the city.
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The Bellagio Casino
Well, there is really nothing that can be said about the Bellagio Casino that has not been said already. It is a fantastic structure with curved architecture that is visible from most of the Las Vegas Strip. However, it is not its physical appearance but rather its massive reputation that makes this casino one that people love to play in. The Bellagio is home to some of the most intensive gambling sessions known to exist and for that reason if you really want to put it all on the line and feel the maximum feeling of exhilaration, the Bellagio Casino is where you would go to get something like that done.

It is located at 3600 South Las Vegas Boulevard , placing it right in the heart of the action. In addition to its normal casino facilities, the Bellagio Casino is also home to the massive poker card room and The Big Game that involves the best players in the world. If you are a poker fan, this is definitely the place you want to visit.
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The Rio Casino
The Rio Casino is a casino that has become better known in recent times because of the fact that the final of the World Series of Poker is played at the Rio . It is a fantastic casino to play in because of that familiarity and on any particular day you could find yourself rubbing shoulders with some of the greatest players in poker. The legends of times past seem to walk the halls of the Rio and their presence can be felt by all poker players that revere what they have done for the sport.

The Rio Casino is located at 3700 West Flamingo Road , placing it about one major street away from the main Las Vegas Strip. This is actually a good thing for most people as it still allows them to get to the strip easily while blunting most of the noise from the strip so that they can sit outside without getting disturbed on a frequent basis.
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